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STONE COVER for MacBook 12-inch
STONE COVER for MacBook 12-inch
STONE COVER for MacBook 12-inch
STONE COVER for MacBook 12-inch
STONE COVER for MacBook 12-inch
STONE COVER for MacBook 12-inch

MACBOOK ″12 (A1534)

STONE COVER for MacBook 12-inch

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Light and thin

Not noticeable with daily use of the MacBook. 


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Inspired by the natural environment

Our products are designed to make the everyday special. We employ our technical expertise to create unique, bold designs that allow you to personalize your MacBook with a unique, one-of-a-kind cover that consists of natural elements that have been formed over millenniums.


Touch and feel

Designed to appeal to multiple senses, these beautiful MacBook covers combine pleasing aesthetics with a hypnotic tactile sensation. You’ll lose yourself as you run your fingers across the enchanting shale stone layers and feel the natural channels that nature has constructed over thousands of years. 

The extraordinary technical properties of our MacBook covers offer you full protection while being just 1 mm thick and weighing less than 50 g.


Technology is inspired by the natural world

The STONE COVER for MacBook is expertly crafted from real shale that is mined in India's quarries before being shipped to our production site. Our skilled craftsmen use modern laser technologies to expertly craft the stone into beautiful and unique covers.


Two important qualities combined

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the natural stone structure ensures that your MacBook is fully protected against damage. The relic form cover is applied to all laptop surfaces to form a protective layer that shields your device from scratches, scuff marks and dents. 

As our covers are crafted from materials that form in the natural environment, they all have one essential quality in common: They age beautifully. Over time, the cover will develop a darker, more attractive hue.