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ROCK COVER for MacBook

Full instructions for placing the ROCK COVER for MacBook can found on the reverse side of the packing envelope. If this information is not available, you can find full details on our website.

Clean Your MacBook​

Thoroughly clean your laptop. Use a soft and dry cloth. Make sure the surface of the laptop has no solvents or cleaners. We recommend to work in a well-lit environment.

Start the process​

Carefully remove the protective layer on the back of the cover and start coating the surface of the laptop lid, the laptop should be turned to you backwards (the Apple logo is not flipped over).

Complete the process​​

Make sure that the bottom of the cover is applied correctly. If everything is in order — remove the protective layer of the remaining part and finish the coating process.

Smooth the surface​​

Make sure that the cover is perfectly smooth. Gently clasp the cover to your laptop lid. We recommend to press through a soft and dry cloth.